Pets are welcome. Pets must be on a leash whenever they are outside. Guest must be in positive control of the leash at all times. Leash must be short enough to keep pets from wandering into others campsites. Pets may be walked on the roads – not in other guests campsites. Potty pets in the designated pet area indicated on the RV park map. Pick up pet waste immediately and put into a dumpster.


Children must be supervised and accompanied by an adult (18 yrs +) at all times.


Cancelling 3+ days in advance of your arrival date = No penalty (online/processing fees not refunded)

Cancelling 1-2 days prior to your arrival date = $20.00 charge + any online fees

Cancelling the day of your arrival date = Charge is first night of campground fee + any online fees

No-Show = Charge is first night of campground fee + any online fees

Monthly Reservation = $50.00 deposit is non-refundable after 14 days prior to original scheduled arrival date (no refund if arrival date is postponed).

Early Check-in

Normal check-in hours are between 2pm and 8pm. Early check-in is accepted if your site is available and will be assessed and additional $10 fee.

Late Check-in

Normal check-in hours are between 2pm and 8pm. We strive to keep our park quiet and peaceful at night because guests are tired and resting, which is imperative to safer traveling. It is inconsiderate to disturb numerous guests who arrived within the generous check-in window. Checking in late is acceptable on a case-by-case basis with communication from the guest and will NOT be accepted after 10pm. No Exceptions. If guest cannot arrive by 10pm, their reservation is void and a fee equivalent to the no-show fee will be charged.

Late Check-out

Please check-out by 11am on the morning of your departure. If you need more time, please check with the office attendant to see if this is feasible in your site.  A fee of up to $10 will be assessed if a late check-out situation is agreed upon with the management.


Our RV Park offers full-service RV sites or tent/car camping sites only. 43 RV sites have sewer at the site. 3 RV sites have water and electric and the RVer must pull through the sewer dump to empty their tanks. RVs must be parked in a manner that ensures slide-outs do not extend past the sites utilities and encroach into the adjoining site. Tent sites have grass and a picnic table. Tent or Car Camping guests who require electricity must rent a full-service RV site and pay the full-service price if one is available. The site that you choose during the reservation process may be changed at the discretion of the RV park staff. We strive to match each guest with the site that best fits the needs of your RV type, size, satellite needs, etc.


Guests are welcome to have visitors. Please inform the management of visitors that you are expecting. Parking for extra vehicles is limited. Visitors must not block roads or other RV sites while visiting. Management may advise visitors where they may park. Visitors must leave the RV park no later than 10pm and may not arrive any earlier than 8am. Guests are responsible to inform their visitors of park rules.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Prior arrangements with the RV park management must be made in order to charge an electric vehicle. Three options are available:

  1. Free with site rental. Must disconnect RV when charging EV (use only one receptacle at a time in your site)
  2. $5 per hour in an unrented RV site (use only one receptacle & availability varies)
  3. Overnight charging by renting an additional RV site (use only one receptacle)


Guest will be charged for damages that they, their pets, or their visitors cause. Cost of repairs or replacement will be assessed before guest checks out. This includes, but is not limited to: washing machines, dryers, toilets, sinks, showers, RV water hook-ups, RV electric hook-ups, sewer pipe damage, sewer pipe clogs, building doors and windows, lights, Wi-Fi Aps, security cameras, trees, plants, and landscaping damage.


We strive to foster a friendly environment for our guests. Therefore, guests or their visitors who are unwilling to observe the RV park rules will be evicted from the property without a refund.